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5 struggles that hold you back as a producer

by Lavito Beats on July 27, 2020


Everyone knows the feeling: you want to make something but don't really feel like it or you just don't know how to start. This phenomenon has a name: writer's block.

Just like every artist, you might get stuck and in this article, I'm going to show you how you can solve this by following a few handy steps.


This may sound strange, but if you're not in the right mindset, you will also have a harder time to get inspiration. Exercising is healthy and super important, something you should definitely do to get the creative juices flowing, not only to lose some weight.

Producing is a demanding task and it can ask a lot of mental energy. Other than professions where the job is everyday kind of the same (making the same kinds of bread, selling the same items day in and day out) producing is different every time. 

That's why a free mind is so important, I just feel it every time I worked out, a clear & clean mind. Ready to start on a new project.


Many people express their emotions in music. This is super important and as a producer, you should do the same. By playing good cop, bad cop I mean that you'll express a good or a bad feeling when you're making a beat.

Let's explain this with an example: your favorite soccer team lost the national championships by an inch and you're angry, you feel annoyed. You'll probably make a dark beat where you visualize your own emotions.

Another one, more positive. Your sister just got a baby and you're ecstatic? You'll probably make a happy beat to reflect on how you're feeling. 

The great thing is that you will even feel more satisfaction when you're feelings are integrated into your beats.


No matter how you turn it around, self-education is essential in every job and that is also the case with producers. You may feel like you're stuck with mixing or mastering, certainly compared to the competition, who always seems to do so great.

This is completely normal, the grass is always greener at the other side. But this should also encourage you to learn for yourself and look for information that can help you improve, make you a better producer, and increases your productivity.

There are a wide variety of options if you're willing to learn. Read books, watch tutorials on youtube, go to workshops, follow a course online or offline, etc..

These things determine the quality of your music and the speed by which you will improve.


Giving up is easy and many will, it's not for everyone and your passion will determine your success. If you don't have enough passion or will power, you'll start working less and less and things will turn south pretty quickly.

You have to believe in yourself, with the passion you embrace. People who no longer believe in themselves, then lose their passion, are doomed. Their careers won't reach highs or lows.

It is so important to understand that passion is the most important thing for consistency and drive. Obviously, sometimes you'll be more passionate than others but that's okay, the bigger picture should always be kept in mind.



Okay, you did a lot of sports, you slept well and when you go in the studio, you aren't able to come up with a melody or a drum.

This lack of inspiration happens, not only to you but to everyone. Fortunately there's also a remedy for that. We can start by searching for inspiration elsewhere. A nice story from a friend, an anecdote, a movie, a picture or even other songs can lead to certain feelings that inspire you.

Other people may go for a sticky and stifle something to calm the mind. This can help too...



As a producer you just don't have a job where you turn on a button and start the same work that you did yesterday again. You're in the art business and your mindset has to match that. Energy, sports, a good feeling, and passion are things that can take you very far. Stay inspired and let stimuli come to you. This creates a more unique character of your next beat!


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