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5 Reasons Why Producers Miss Out On Beat Placements

by Lavito Beats on June 18, 2020

It's time again, you hear a co-producer getting the latest placement and think: how come I don't get a placement with my beats? These 5 points increase your chances of getting a placement.


Show up

Go to events, show yourself. It's an old rule that still applies today: people love real-time conversation because then they immediately get to see the real person.

In the jungle of the internet and social media, this is not always that obvious anymore.


Be Yourself

This is a super important one, be yourself and also to build your own identity.

Nothing is more boring or pathetic than people who want to look like someone else. You have your own tastes, your own preferences, your own pitfalls: show them to the world (but not too much😉).


Prepare For The Opportunity

What if a label or artist is contacting you for beats and you don't have the genre they want?

It's up to you: either you make an enormous amount of beats and make sure there is a library to choose from, or you go for a specific niche and only focus on that type of customer.

The latter is certainly essential in any business, but in the music world, many genres have different sub-genres and it's interesting to belong to different styles. This broadens your audience and ultimately the number of sales.


Leave A Mark

If people offer you a chance to sell a beat somewhere, you'll get a chance to show what you've got but this doesn't mean you'll get the job.

In itself, that's not a bad thing because it's healthy to have some competition. On the other hand, if that person had a serious impression of you, they may contact you in the future.

That's why it's always good to be fresh in your mind and in your body as well. Sport, take care of yourself, read, and above all: talk about something interesting when you get the chance.

Look for common interests and try to make the other person understand that you have an added value.


Chase Contacts

It's very simple: if you want to attract customers, they have to know where you are.

Promote your newest beats, send beats to artists and labels. Show them that you are here and ready to work. The game is real and everyone wants a piece.

Just releasing beats and hoping someone will buy them is not how it works when you are a beginning producer.

Even when you are big, you still need to chase those number one spots like an F1 driver that always wants to win the race.



It's all about branding and marketing without losing your identity. Be yourself but go out of your comfort zone. Leave a mark and make great beats because in the end: the music has to speak for itself.


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